A gluten-free surprise!

The weather has been beautiful the past few days here in Dublin and while it’s still a bit chilly who can complain when the sun is out and it’s not bucketing down? I’m certainly not complaining and in fact I have taken the lovely weather as a chance to try and be more active. I even bought a new pair of Nike runners to keep me motivated.

Suddenly all this motivation to cut back on treats and do more exercise went out the window when a certain somebody showed up at my front door this morning with a delicious box of gluten free goodies! I suddenly didn’t care about fitting into that lovely new gold dress I bought in the River Island sale, these pastry’s were the only thing on my mind.

These wonderful things were bought in a lovely little gluten-free bakery called Antoinette’s Bakery located on Kevin Street, Dublin 8. It has a wide range of sweet treats from cupcakes to biscuits to peanut-butter brownies and also does delicious coffee. I highly recommend going there whether you have a gluten intolerance or not, it’s not just for coeliacs! Thank you for the box of desserts but I certainly won’t be fitting into my running clothes in the morning! Haha!

Emzie x





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